Further Musings

Good Evening Dirty Dawgies,

Just writing again with thoughts today for introspective purposes as putting them on here allows sorting outside of my head. I'm still growing like a lobster as I've shed the safety of my former shell. It's an uncomfortable yet exhilarating process. It's interesting to confront culture's impact on my mind and as the days go by I realize the effects it's had on how I would typically be expected to act. Statements like: GET A JOB! WHY AREN'T YOU WORKING? cross my mind, but the one I'm asking myself the most is "Why do I feel like that?" What or who taught me that going to work at a company was the only way to survive? Why is there a massive fear and stigma of losing jobs? Tyler Durden would say You are not your job. So why can't I take time to learn how to market myself and the service I can offer? To market my music to those who would find value in it? To other musicians who would want to collaborate, to build our dreams and businesses together? Other people make a living with music and again the opportunities are varied and plentiful, so what's stopping me? And the answer I come to is Me. My thoughts. My previous beliefs and operating procedures. But letting go of my old self is like I said, a strange and scary development phase. I'm a lobster lacking a shell. Now I'm not being lazy. I'm researching and learning every minute now. It's time to learn, network, market, and grow! Be the Lobster! #NoStandards!

Thanks for listening Dawgies. Love you all! 

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