May the Fourth Be WIth You

Good Morning and May the Force Be With You Dawgies! 

Here's to all my Sith Lords in the House! You know I love those Dark Vibes and Darth Vader's my hero, also the red lightsabers are just so awesome it fills the heart with joy. I love every time I watch the movies and just in case anyone's free today TBS is having a May the Fourth be with you marathon playing all the movies today. I'm sure there are other networks doing the same as well (Spike might be but I'm not sure). In the spirit of May 4th, I just wanted to take a moment to express that trusting in the Force is like having Faith. Life as we know is a random event and despite our desperate struggles to exercise control we're really here just to enjoy the twists and turns the journey holds, at least that's my belief. The tighter I hold on to control the harder I find it to breathe and if you've read my previous posts you'll recall the recent shift in my life's structure has caused some anxiety for me.

Yet I'm continuing onward, excited and eager for the days ahead and I'm putting full faith in the force (Darkness aside- the true nature of the Force is balance my friends.) It's like Yin & Yang and we must trust in the balance without fear for what lies ahead. There may be shifts to endure and waves to ride, but we can do so with hope and gratitude for the journey and the opportunities to expand. 

Anyways, just a short note for y'all today! May the force be with you and remember #NoStandards! Have no fear in the pursuits of your passion! Trust in the Force! (And here's a little extra funny for all the LOTR fans out there)! 


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