Thought Control

Happy Wednesday Dawgies! 

I hope the week's fared well thus far and is taking you great places! I'm writing today to update you on my life and let you know I've been up a quite a bit. I applied to a few freelance writing gigs and am considering taking a course on Music Licensing. I've also been playing quite a bit of Magic: The Gathering and finally organized all my cards and am now going about constructing a Zombie-Deck! Furthermore, last weekend my best friend Geno graduated from UNT after a long and dedicated journey (and 5 weeks in Costa Rica!) The celebration also reminded me how Wine is a cunning foe and brings you to the peak of elation only to leave you writhing in pain! Also, for Mother's Day I equipped my Mother with flowers and a double feature of Magic Mike and Magic Mike XXL so we could do a Magic Marathon (she loves Joe Manganiello). It's been quite the craze of activity around here and that is the reason for the delay in the blog posts.

Moving on, my main reason for writing today is because of a post my friend Geno put on Instagram. He's going to be a Math Teacher and is now facing that "Well, what do I do now?" moment we all experience after graduating and starting fresh in a new direction. He's phrased it as "unemployed, broke, and in debt" but is still excited about his next venture forward and I wanted to take a moment to focus on how thoughts impact our daily lives. You may have heard this before in some iteration or another however I wanted to highlight on Qui-Gon Jinn's saying, "Your focus determines your reality." Our thoughts run in our mind all day long and determine what we attract, feel, and experience throughout our life. It's a law of positive and negative expectations and how the two impact our energy, the energy around you, and our responses to that energy. Often it's hard to be in Geno's situation where we're feeling directionless and fearful, however that's where it's most important to have relentless positive expectations. If we allow our minds to dwell in negative places, our mind is consistently told we are in a negative place and thus reinforces that in our reality. However even if we are in a negative dip at this stage in life, if we consistently create a positive scenario in our mind it constantly pushes us toward that favorable reality.

We can think of the mind like a Ship Captain,(Captain Jack Sparrow if you're a Pirates fan because the new one comes out soon). It will guide us and navigate the waves we encounter, but do you know what additional amazing role we play? We, our thoughts, are the boundless sea. Our thoughts are infinite, deep, and can be full of treasures and conversely monsters. The critical component we must remember is to think "consciously" because when not surrounded by calm waters and halcyon days it's easy to lose focus and let our thoughts spiral into storms (storms of our own making that happen when we relinquish our control). Once the storm is raging and the wind and spray are in our faces it is difficult to see through to the sunshine and frankly easy to submit to the circumstances, but again that is where it is most critical to stay on sight toward the positive path so the captain can carry us forward! It's easy to be a victim and direct blame outward, but now that we know our thoughts make up the waves we also realize that we choose to surrender our sway and leave the Captain posited on Destination Disorder. Or we can claim our Poseidon-like power and consciously create the conditions we want in our mind thus giving the Captain a clear path to Incredible Island!

Thank you Dawgies for reading today. Stay positive, stay powerful, and think consciously. I'll meet you on the Island. ;) 


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