Random Weekend Blog!

Hey Big Dawgies! 

Today's post is a random blog that I wrote because my friends and I are putting together a site we can all blog on to stay connected and freshen up our writing skills. Since I shared it there, I figured it'd only be fair to share here too! The new site is dirtydawgies.wordpress.com and my post reads:


It’s established, my friends! I’ve built it, now you must come! Hot Josh will understand. ;) But for reals! Anything you guys want to write about or discuss is fair game. I’ve sent the credentials and if you would like them to be able to post content just hit T-Dirty up! I’ve picked a topic for our first post and that is:

Why do we write?

My response is as follows:

We write to understand, to express, to create, to share, to feel, to reach, and to explore ourselves. Holy lots of verbs! However writing is a multi-faceted task with many purposes and the answer really depends on individual objectives. I love writing because it’s an alternative medium of communication that I feel I fare better at than speaking. It’s fun for me to make a point and share my thoughts. Crafting a clever argument also brings me joy because I’ve created a stance and perspective and that yields critical thinking.

I correlate writing to consistent evolution and growth for there are always new words to learn, styles to adapt to, formats to play with; opportunity abounds from the page and the keyboard. Yet it’s also immortalizing. Who knows what the future will hold for the words we put out there? The youth finding inspiration or relation to our blogs in countries we’ve never been, grandchildren stumbling upon our journals after we’ve passed, future archaeologists excavating files from our computers; our words let us live on Dawgies. So why do I write? It makes me feel alive.

-T-Dirty On The Beat

Your turn Big Dawg! Thanks for reading.



As always, thank you for reading and I hope you all had an excellent weekend. Here's to a great start to next week! Love you all! 



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