Sleep Fighter Studios is here!

I write to you today to celebrate the launch of Sleep Fighter Studios! You'll see our site is re-branded and re-designed with new colors and a nifty logo. In moving from T-Dirty on the Beat to Sleep Fighter Studios, we've…


Good 'Morrow Big Dawgs!

I write to you today 33 pages into Jim Kwik's new book Limitless. It's focus is the human brain and its capacity to evolve and grow in response to the challenges and environments introduced to…

New Beat & New Video!

Good Morning Big Dawgs!

I hope this message finds you well! I write today to share a new beat and the accompanying video! It's an energetic, techno type beat, ready for your lyrical magic! My step-son and I had a…

New Site, Same Dirty

Hey Big Dawgs!

I'm happy to announce my new site! Please check out the new design and feel free to share your thoughts!

Furthermore, get ready for a new track soon! I'm calling it "Do it like Destructo" and it…

Dirty's Beats

Good Afternoon Big Dawgs! 

I write to you today happily to announce the release of my latest album, Dirty's Beats! It's available here and on all major platforms. Please check it out, leave your thoughts, and share it with friends…

New Song - An Arabic Apple

Happy Friday Dawgies!

I hope this message finds you well! I'm writing to celebrate the release of my new song An Arabic Apple! The song is led by a slapping sitar, bumping drums, and a fusion of catchy rhythms…



Hey Big Dawgies! 

I know it's been awhile and I've fallen off the wagon on the series. Life has taken on a new rhythm lately as I adjust into a new role so things I once planned shifted however the…

Monday Mania!

Hey Dawgies!

I know it's been some time since I've last written and for that I can only apologize. However I haven't gone away and still tend to this page as a smith tends to his forge! I've just been…


Random Weekend Blog!

Hey Big Dawgies! 

Today's post is a random blog that I wrote because my friends and I are putting together a site we can all blog on to stay connected and freshen up our writing skills. Since I shared it…


Weekly Series Round Three (On Zombies!)

Good Morning Dawgies!

I hope everyone is faring well! I'm back to the series this week (the finishing of Duckin' Around and accompanying video last week took a bit of time so that's why I skipped it but I hope…


Duckin' Around (No blog this week, but a surprise new Song)

EDIT: Duckin' Around is now available for download on all major platforms! 

Hey Dawgies!

Though I'm skipping the series this week this week I thought I'd suprise you with a brand new single and a video to go along with…