Family's in Town

Good Afternoon Dawgies!

I'll write a quick post today to let you know my family's in town this week! My Grandparents and Great Aunt are visiting and I'm thankful for the time we get together and grateful they took the…


A Recent Application

Hey Dawgies! 

Today my post will be an assignment I wrote for my application to Unfortunately I did not get accepted into their platform but I wanted to share my writing here anyways. Please let me know your thoughts…

Thought Control

Happy Wednesday Dawgies! 

I hope the week's fared well thus far and is taking you great places! I'm writing today to update you on my life and let you know I've been up a quite a bit. I applied to…

Writing on Wednesday

Good Morning Dawgies!

Today I wanted to write about the concept of expectation and what I've been battling in my mind. Despite learning, researching, and building every day I struggle with putting pressure on myself to produce income. Though I've…

Freedom and Friday!

Hello Dawgies, just stopping by with another daily delivery. Today I wanted to touch on the notion of financial freedom, debt-free living, and the power both give you. I recently spoke with a prospective employer about opportunities they had reached…

May the Fourth Be WIth You

Good Morning and May the Force Be With You Dawgies! 

Here's to all my Sith Lords in the House! You know I love those Dark Vibes and Darth Vader's my hero, also the red lightsabers are just so awesome it…

Further Musings

Good Evening Dirty Dawgies,

Just writing again with thoughts today for introspective purposes as putting them on here allows sorting outside of my head. I'm still growing like a lobster as I've shed the safety of my former shell. It's…


Good Afternoon Dawgies!


I'm writing today as an introspective letter to myself but wanted to post it here as well. I've recently left a job to pursue my passions because I'm debt-free and now in a position to give it…


An Apology!

Good Evening Dawgies!

I know it's been awhile since I've last posted but I thought I'd write today to apologize. I've been busy working on finding my direction in life now that I'm debt free. I literally have the ultimate…



Hello Dawgies! 

I know it's been awhile since I've posted but I've been busting it lately and guess what...I'm DEBT-FREE! That's right! All my loans are paid off and the dream is now in full function! So expect more music…


Merry Christmas!

I know I'm a day late, but Merry Christmas Dawgies! I hope Santa Claus rewarded all your hard work this year and that you enjoyed time with your friends and families. I'll be brief because I know many of you…


December Delight

Good Evening Dawgies! And Happy Birthday to Mike Breezy Meersman! You Sir are the Dawg of all Dawgies. 

Just writing today to check in and wish everyone a happy holiday season! I've been working Overtime at my corporate job and…