An Update & A New Series (Today's Topic: Superstitions)

Good Afternoon Dawgies!

I'm writing today to first keep y'all updated on the music! I'm putting together two albums now I'll release this summer. One is a collection of my earliest songs from a couple years ago (now refined, mixed, and mastered) and the other is my latest music. I'm doing all the mixing and mastering myself so that's why I've set "summer" as the release timeframe. More details will follow on that but I'm happy to be bringing a lot of music soon!

Now on the second part of my post, and that's the series I'd like to start. I have a book titled 500 Writing Prompts and will be selecting one at random per week (or perhaps daily) to write about here. Not only will this keep things fresh and dirtalicious but also give you a deeper insight to my personality. Please let me know your thoughts and feel free to respond to my views! Thanks!

Topic for today: "How do you feel about superstitions? Do you have any?"

Great question! A superstition is defined by Google as "excessively credulous belief in and reverence for supernatural beings," or "a widely held but unjustified belief in supernatural causation leading to certain consequences of an action or event, or a practice based on such a belief." I don't know if feel is the best verb but I do have superstitions so I suppose I feel strongly! I believe in ghosts, hauntings, legends, and vampires (oh how I'd love to be one!) among other things. I believe because the Universe and Goddess (My God is a She) create so many miracles that we can observe in nature and who am I to question her power to forge events, beings, and dimensions outside view of the current scientific scope? Just because we can't see a thing doesn't necessarily mean it does not exist and that brings the Law of Attraction to mind. When it comes to superstitions, is it not the energy our minds attach to the superstition that manifests them as realities? According to the law, we attract what we envision in our mind to be true thus our beliefs shape the reality we experience. In theory, superstitious power is real because of the power of our belief. So to answer the first question I feel superstitions are just another way to interact with our world.

Now, do I have any superstitions? Of course! I only pick up pennies if they're heads up! I also let the bugs and animals I come into contact with live for karmic reasons (and that means I believe in karma too!) Also, the Loch Ness Monster lives in my book and it'd be incredible to date a mermaid. On the subject of legendary creatures, I'd like to share a bit about how a superstition of mine developed on the night I saw a Chubacabra.

On one of the all-night study sessions I performed in college, I hit a great spot for a break and decided to step outside. At 3 AM it is very dark in Dubuque, IA and because I left a bright kitchen naturally my eyes had to adjust before I could see in the darkness. As soon as I stepped out I caught sight of a figure unnaturally creeping through our backyard (we had a staircase that led up to our back door so I was elevated above it). Seeing the figure shot a bolt of fear through me and I froze. I watched for a second before it turned toward me. As my focus began to clear I could make out long, bony arms as it rose up but could not see the face, my eyes hadn't fully adjusted to the dark. The shadowy silhouette started stalking toward the stairs but I bolted inside and locked both backdoors as my heart raced. I sat in silence waiting for raps at the windows or door but no such noise came. Needless to say, though I didn't plan on sleeping that night I wouldn't have been able to if I tried. Although I could not clearly see the figure, to this day I believe in my heart a Chubacabra is on the loose in Dubuque, IA and continues to stroll during the dead of night. Be warned Dawgies!

So are superstitions real? To me they are. I feel superstitions impact our world if our minds let them and let me know what you think about mine! Thanks for reading Big Dawgs! Please share your thoughts on the new series too! 

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T-Dirty On The Beat June 18, 2017 @03:21 pm
Thank you Ryann! Energy is everything. Your post reminds me of the Nikolas Tesla quote, "If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration." Newton's third law also comes to mind being: "For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction." So if we apply to energy and what we put out into our own worlds, it's only natural that we receive back in equal proportions that which we've released. Perspective is a huge proponent of interacting in our daily lives and it's better to wake up and be grateful for all the greatness surrounding us rather than in lack and wanting. In my opinion if we tell the universe thank you repeatedly, it will continue to reward us because we're putting out there that we have what we're looking for whereas telling the universe we don't have enough only brings back more of that which we do not have. Thank you for posting and bringing our focus on the power of energy! I appreciate the positive vibes and helping to cultivate the good energy! You da best Ryann!
Ryann Showmaker June 17, 2017 @04:31 pm
Superstitions are very real to me too! The placebo effect is almost 30 percent or more, what we think we become. We as humans definitely shape the world around us. Like picking up heads up pennies for instance. If you believe that good luck will come to you, it will! There have been studies done about how thinking negatively can literally change a persons anatomy, chemicals, hormones. That's why our thoughts and the way we want to perceive the world does matter!! You can find good and bad in everything. Just have to choose which one you want to see. And karma is what balances the world. What you put out there comes back to you. People can cultivate good energy or bad energy. And for the people who don't believe in energy, they need to take a physics class. Everything has energy. Choose to exert the good!!!
T-Dirty On The Beat June 16, 2017 @02:38 pm
Hey Zac and Aunty Kelly! First I want to answer Zac's question about the record and it will be primarily instrumentals (but I might add a few bonus tracks with raps ;). And Ron was terrifying, he's also still on the loose as we never subdued him. Also, Aunt Kelly an Ouija board is just asking for the spirits to surround you! I remember the story you told us about floating when you and Uncle Jeff fell off the stairs. Spooky stuff! There's no denying forces beyond our understanding exist and I'm with you in the belief that you receive what you put out. Positivity, support, and awesomeness all the time is the way to get a karmic ROI! Let's keep putting love out there together! Thank you both for reading I really appreciate your time and it made my day to see the comments. Thank you thank you thank you. -Tyler V. (T-Dirty On The Beat)
Kelly Trezise June 15, 2017 @10:57 pm
I have a lot of superstitions. Never play with the Ouija board, is my number one superstition. Growing up in my house in Midlothian Illinois I think that attributed to a lot of the supernatural experiences that me and my brother had while growing up. And yes, I do believe in the supernatural. I think it is around us every day and often think about the things that lead to karma as well. I truly believe what comes around goes around and you have to reap the consequences of the choices that you make in life.
Zac June 15, 2017 @09:16 pm
T-dirty reaching out to the masses! Will that record be the beats or will it come with some original raps as well? And Ron was a scary monster there's no messing around with that thing
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