A Recent Application

Hey Dawgies! 

Today my post will be an assignment I wrote for my application to freelancewriting.com. Unfortunately I did not get accepted into their platform but I wanted to share my writing here anyways. Please let me know your thoughts and thank you. I love you all. The assignment was to write a maximum of 350 words to the prompt, "Is Writing a Business Plan Still Worth it?" What follows is my article: 

Budding entrepreneurs often find themselves facing the question, "is writing a business plan still worth it?" Though business plans are often speculated, let's look at the process objectively. The first step of writing a plan is putting it on paper which not only provides a tangible medium to track your thoughts and monitor progress (which you can revisit later for motivation), but also establishes an outline and forces entrepreneurs to consider multiple angles before bringing their product or service to the market. Points on the paper provide a projection (as well as the opportunity for variability in making those projections) for the business owner while also proving free from distractions when called upon in the future. Logically a written plan proves a more organized mechanism when compared to keeping ideas and progress entirely in one's mind as a business' beginnings often involve dynamic changes and rapid adaptation. For example, a ship captain keeps a map and a compass to make sure he/she stays on course when the waters shift, as without one it's easy to get lost in the current. As an entrepreneur, would you want to resemble the Captain or a drifter in the water?  Even if only for organization purposes, a business plan lets one start with a clear direction.

Now I know the landscape is always changing and there are risks we can't foresee, so why waste the time to write a plan with today's accelerated advances? Well, let's look at who's going to join along for the journey? Will you have investors? They're going to want to know where the business desires to be and is headed before supporting it. No one's going to get on a sailboat without sails but your plan shows off your sails! A plan doesn't have to be a long, drawn-out, stocked-full of-spreadsheets composition, but it does have to depict your direction to investors as they may be with you for several years. Furthermore, planning equips you with a realistic assessment of your voyage thus writing a plan becomes worth it both to you and those traveling with you. Be the Captain.

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Thought Control

Happy Wednesday Dawgies! 

I hope the week's fared well thus far and is taking you great places! I'm writing today to update you on my life and let you know I've been up a quite a bit. I applied to a few freelance writing gigs and am considering taking a course on Music Licensing. I've also been playing quite a bit of Magic: The Gathering and finally organized all my cards and am now going about constructing a Zombie-Deck! Furthermore, last weekend my best friend Geno graduated from UNT after a long and dedicated journey (and 5 weeks in Costa Rica!) The celebration also reminded me how Wine is a cunning foe and brings you to the peak of elation only to leave you writhing in pain! Also, for Mother's Day I equipped my Mother with flowers and a double feature of Magic Mike and Magic Mike XXL so we could do a Magic Marathon (she loves Joe Manganiello). It's been quite the craze of activity around here and that is the reason for the delay in the blog posts.

Moving on, my main reason for writing today is because of a post my friend Geno put on Instagram. He's going to be a Math Teacher and is now facing that "Well, what do I do now?" moment we all experience after graduating and starting fresh in a new direction. He's phrased it as "unemployed, broke, and in debt" but is still excited about his next venture forward and I wanted to take a moment to focus on how thoughts impact our daily lives. You may have heard this before in some iteration or another however I wanted to highlight on Qui-Gon Jinn's saying, "Your focus determines your reality." Our thoughts run in our mind all day long and determine what we attract, feel, and experience throughout our life. It's a law of positive and negative expectations and how the two impact our energy, the energy around you, and our responses to that energy. Often it's hard to be in Geno's situation where we're feeling directionless and fearful, however that's where it's most important to have relentless positive expectations. If we allow our minds to dwell in negative places, our mind is consistently told we are in a negative place and thus reinforces that in our reality. However even if we are in a negative dip at this stage in life, if we consistently create a positive scenario in our mind it constantly pushes us toward that favorable reality.

We can think of the mind like a Ship Captain,(Captain Jack Sparrow if you're a Pirates fan because the new one comes out soon). It will guide us and navigate the waves we encounter, but do you know what additional amazing role we play? We, our thoughts, are the boundless sea. Our thoughts are infinite, deep, and can be full of treasures and conversely monsters. The critical component we must remember is to think "consciously" because when not surrounded by calm waters and halcyon days it's easy to lose focus and let our thoughts spiral into storms (storms of our own making that happen when we relinquish our control). Once the storm is raging and the wind and spray are in our faces it is difficult to see through to the sunshine and frankly easy to submit to the circumstances, but again that is where it is most critical to stay on sight toward the positive path so the captain can carry us forward! It's easy to be a victim and direct blame outward, but now that we know our thoughts make up the waves we also realize that we choose to surrender our sway and leave the Captain posited on Destination Disorder. Or we can claim our Poseidon-like power and consciously create the conditions we want in our mind thus giving the Captain a clear path to Incredible Island!

Thank you Dawgies for reading today. Stay positive, stay powerful, and think consciously. I'll meet you on the Island. ;) 


Writing on Wednesday

Good Morning Dawgies!

Today I wanted to write about the concept of expectation and what I've been battling in my mind. Despite learning, researching, and building every day I struggle with putting pressure on myself to produce income. Though I've built up financial reserves and by no means in danger or struggling, I consistently find myself worrying (without reason) or thinking about taking the next offer I see rather than directing my attention to the excitement of building my own business and learning what it takes to make it work. It's the classic easy way out or I should do what the majority is doing versus dealing with the discomfort of the development phase and I've mentioned this in a previous post, but my main point today is that no one and no external circumstance is putting pressure on me. In fact, what I'm learning is that my mind and ego is the only thing causing fear, anxiety, and worry and the only source of true pressure for my current situation. I'm learning to confront thoughts and think consciously at every moment to dispel the doubt. In the wise words of Yoda, "Fear is the path to the Dark Side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering."So my reminder for today is remember to focus on the positive, to trust in the Force and Spirit to guide you and have your back as you move forward to your next endeavor(s). 

We're not here to struggle or to settle for anything less than our dreams, by living our dreams and truths we can inspire others to do the same regardless of how long it takes us or the trials we face on the way there. On that same subject, failure is another fear generator however is a valiant and whole-hearted attempt that fails truly a failure? I say no, because the attempt itself yields learning and can only strengthen an individual. Our worth is with our life, our bodies, our minds, and our spirit. If we're still drawing breath, we can do anything Dawgies. Here's to believing in ourselves, being confident in our self-wealth, and living with #NoStandards. 

Thanks for reading. I love you all. Stay positive and stay powerful! 

Freedom and Friday!

Hello Dawgies, just stopping by with another daily delivery. Today I wanted to touch on the notion of financial freedom, debt-free living, and the power both give you. I recently spoke with a prospective employer about opportunities they had reached out to me about (he was a fantastic gentleman and I'm very thankful for his time.) Again, I've got nothing against employers or companies. Though the reason I'm writing about it today was because it was the first interview I had that rather than go into the conversation desperately seeking to prove myself a qualified candidate for the job, I had the freedom to say "Thank you, but that doesn't sound like what I'm looking for." And wow is it liberating to the mind! It feels good to have the power of choice and to take time to seek out a good fit.

All through my upbringing, including schooling and lessons from peers and parents and other adults the standard phrase or expectation was "go to school and then get a job." Like a job (when I say job I mean working for someone else) is required for survival, as if it was an absolute necessity to survive and thrive. But that's only one perspective, that's a linear progression that keeps you stuck in that track (and keeps your choices somewhat limited) until you choose to divert from the road. And off-loading is awesome! Plus we live in a world of multiple perspectives! Limitless potential is around us. The internet can connect me and a team in Shanghai in minutes, or Russians, or Brazilians! And we'd be face to face! That, my friends, is the Spanky Dank. 

Earlier this week I had spoken about it feeling weird and hard to accept, but each day it's getting easier and more opportunities to make money keep appearing. The best part: No Employer Required! Now I may just be catching on to this phenomenon and I know I'm over-simplifying my approach, but I'm glad I caught on now cause it's compounding my confidence and opening my mind to possibilities I had not known existed. I just read Taylor Pearson's The End of Jobs, if you haven't read it and are currently seeking a change I definitely recommend the read. It shifted the standard societal paradigm in my mind and also comes with great resources and templates for making the leap! 

Thanks for reading Dawgies. As always, I love you all. Stay positive and stay powerful. Remember, the world has limitless potential. You can make money any way from anywhere, all it takes is serving a need and providing value. #NoStandards

May the Fourth Be WIth You

Good Morning and May the Force Be With You Dawgies! 

Here's to all my Sith Lords in the House! You know I love those Dark Vibes and Darth Vader's my hero, also the red lightsabers are just so awesome it fills the heart with joy. I love every time I watch the movies and just in case anyone's free today TBS is having a May the Fourth be with you marathon playing all the movies today. I'm sure there are other networks doing the same as well (Spike might be but I'm not sure). In the spirit of May 4th, I just wanted to take a moment to express that trusting in the Force is like having Faith. Life as we know is a random event and despite our desperate struggles to exercise control we're really here just to enjoy the twists and turns the journey holds, at least that's my belief. The tighter I hold on to control the harder I find it to breathe and if you've read my previous posts you'll recall the recent shift in my life's structure has caused some anxiety for me.

Yet I'm continuing onward, excited and eager for the days ahead and I'm putting full faith in the force (Darkness aside- the true nature of the Force is balance my friends.) It's like Yin & Yang and we must trust in the balance without fear for what lies ahead. There may be shifts to endure and waves to ride, but we can do so with hope and gratitude for the journey and the opportunities to expand. 

Anyways, just a short note for y'all today! May the force be with you and remember #NoStandards! Have no fear in the pursuits of your passion! Trust in the Force! (And here's a little extra funny for all the LOTR fans out there)! 


Further Musings

Good Evening Dirty Dawgies,

Just writing again with thoughts today for introspective purposes as putting them on here allows sorting outside of my head. I'm still growing like a lobster as I've shed the safety of my former shell. It's an uncomfortable yet exhilarating process. It's interesting to confront culture's impact on my mind and as the days go by I realize the effects it's had on how I would typically be expected to act. Statements like: GET A JOB! WHY AREN'T YOU WORKING? cross my mind, but the one I'm asking myself the most is "Why do I feel like that?" What or who taught me that going to work at a company was the only way to survive? Why is there a massive fear and stigma of losing jobs? Tyler Durden would say You are not your job. So why can't I take time to learn how to market myself and the service I can offer? To market my music to those who would find value in it? To other musicians who would want to collaborate, to build our dreams and businesses together? Other people make a living with music and again the opportunities are varied and plentiful, so what's stopping me? And the answer I come to is Me. My thoughts. My previous beliefs and operating procedures. But letting go of my old self is like I said, a strange and scary development phase. I'm a lobster lacking a shell. Now I'm not being lazy. I'm researching and learning every minute now. It's time to learn, network, market, and grow! Be the Lobster! #NoStandards!

Thanks for listening Dawgies. Love you all! 


Good Afternoon Dawgies!


I'm writing today as an introspective letter to myself but wanted to post it here as well. I've recently left a job to pursue my passions because I'm debt-free and now in a position to give it a shot. As you all know, I love to make music and write about it though not much of it is posted here (due to my perfectionism and hesitancy to release it without a copyright on it. I'm working on that psychological aspect of myself. Just know there's more on the way. Many tracks in the final mixing/mastering stage currently). I'm in a strange spot now that I've got complete freedom and it's curious how the pressures of my previous employment traditions are weighing upon my mind. It's as if I feel guilty for not going into work daily or utilizing my time on a externally determined and mechanical basis (although structure is something I see as beneficial to self-employment too). Just to give further context, right after I left my previous position I went to California (LA to be exact) to interview for a teaching role and I'm still awaiting results for that (fingers crossed). Teaching and working with kids is another passion of mine (I coached Gymnastics for about 5 years) and being in LA puts me in the center of a music city (in case you were wondering why the switch from Texas to California). Also, my older sister lives there!

Going on, I returned home this previous Sunday and in performing research and organizing my thoughts as well as analyzing prospective next steps and researching licensing opportunities rather than productive I feel idle, and I partly believe it's due to not being on a paid-per-hour time-clock based schedule. However, there's nothing inherently wrong with what I'm doing currently or taking time off of an employer's clock to pursue alternative perspectives and possibilities, yet my cultural upbringing and "gotta-go-to-work" American-societal ideal is resistant in leaving while fading with pangs of guilt now that I'm confronting employment from an unexpected angle (not going into a job I'm just in to generate income and instead focusing on how to turn my passion into making my living). I'm confident about my next steps and what I'm learning, but becoming comfortable with this in-between/developmental stage is the reason for my writing today. I know I can do it as there are thousands of individuals who employ themselves and generate incomes in a multiplicity of ways. However the adaptation phase I'm currently experiencing is affecting me in a manner I've not experienced before. Please if anyone's experienced similar feelings or encountered this state of emotion at a previous point in your life, let me know through comments or E-mail what helped you through it and kept you focused and confident in your self versus giving in and going back to an employer (I'm not fearful I'll go back to working just for a paycheck but it comes across the mind in this new circumstance!).

Also, please don't think I have something against working for an employer or a company, there are many great opportunities for individuals within small and large organizations. I believe in working for others to acquire skills and grow as an individual; what I don't believe in is giving your time to something you're not excited to bring your best to every day (meaning the work done is for the quality of the job as well as the service and value provided because it comes from the heart, instead of working solely for the compensation just to "get by" or "pay the bills" or because "that's what everybody else does"). Basically, follow your heart is what I say and if someone like me can get out of the debt game and be free, you can too! Remember #NoStandards is living outside of cultural expectations and pressures, it's about pursuing what starts our fires and inspires us to live despite the naysayers and traditionalists. Like DJ Khaled says, "We the Best" and it truly is a team-effort of Dirty Dawgies making this world a better place for every person we come into contact with by living our truth and helping them live their truths too! People helping people, that is humanity my friends and we're all a part of it. So Power to the People!

Again, I wrote this today as an introspective post but I'm an open-individual and my story is yours to share in as well. If you're into the Tarot, I pulled the reversed Tower and it could not be more appropriate. Thanks for reading Dawgies. Stay positive and stay powerful. #NoStandards #PowerToThePeople


An Apology!

Good Evening Dawgies!

I know it's been awhile since I've last posted but I thought I'd write today to apologize. I've been busy working on finding my direction in life now that I'm debt free. I literally have the ultimate freedom and can go anywhere, do anything I want. It's been a learning process to be in this position and I'm still taking it all in because before I had one-goal and I laser-focused until completing it. Now that I can begin the pursuit of happiness, I'm still adjusting to walking the first steps. I know I promised more music and it's still on the way, it's just I've been working to get out of my head. Hold tight Dawgs! I love you all and appreciate your time and support. Thank you for being excellent individuals. Stay awesome and remember #NoStandards! 


Hello Dawgies! 

I know it's been awhile since I've posted but I've been busting it lately and guess what...I'm DEBT-FREE! That's right! All my loans are paid off and the dream is now in full function! So expect more music and regular updates! T-Dirty On The Beat now lives on prolific street! As you can tell, I'm more than excited and ready to give 100% to music and the pursuit of passion. I love you all! Let's make a track together to celebrate! I'm going to remix an older song of mine called I Love Life and I'll post it here soon. Thanks for your support and for reading! Remember, no dream is out of reach. If you don't change direction, you'll arrive where you're headed! 

With love Dawgies, 



Merry Christmas!

I know I'm a day late, but Merry Christmas Dawgies! I hope Santa Claus rewarded all your hard work this year and that you enjoyed time with your friends and families. I'll be brief because I know many of you have the next few days off, but I wanted to deliver one more present to y'all. I just finished a new song called Be Like Chance which will be available soon. You can preview it on my Need a Beat? page or check out the video below! Thanks for your time and your support dawiges. Now go, be Merry, and let's celebrate the onset of 2017 in style! 

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