December Delight

Good Evening Dawgies! And Happy Birthday to Mike Breezy Meersman! You Sir are the Dawg of all Dawgies. 

Just writing today to check in and wish everyone a happy holiday season! I've been working Overtime at my corporate job and it's held up the release of my next song called Be Like Chance. But it's also helped me stack up the mula and get closer and closer to the dream baby! We're so close I can taste it. Back to the song, it's just about ready but there's a few tweaks I want to make to the master and it'll be live in time for you to jam at your New Years' Eve Bash! So stay tuned and know that I'm wishing the best holiday for you and your families. I'm grateful to y'all and looking back on this year with pride and joy and I hope it's the same for you. Every day is a chance to smile more, laugh more, and love more. So stay merry dawgies! Dirty Claus is coming to town. ;) 

I'm grateful for you!

Good Afternoon and Happy Saturday!

Just checking in to share a couple things; the first and most important being a big Thank You to everyone visiting this page and in my life. I love all of you and am grateful to know you. Second, that more music is on the way! I've been generating new ideas and working on finishing up songs every day. It's been a busy November (I visited New Orleans to experience the French Quarter's Magic, checked out property in Quartz Mountain, OK, and had an Iowa love visit who I showed Fort Worth's charm) but things are relaxing now and granting more time for music so expect gifts of sounds as we move through the Holiday Season...Dirty Claus is comin' to town ;) 

Thank you again for your support and for stopping by. If you'd like to communicate just check out the contact me page and I'll be in touch promptly. Y'all are the best and remember to stay positive, be thankful, and as always #NoStandards!

Mornings and Music

Good Morning and Happy Halloween Dawgies! I'm still working on fine-tuning the site to my liking, however in the meantime I've added new songs for your listening pleasure! Please see my Fresh Music page to check out my latest release "Slow For the J" and an older song I made that my friend J-Dawg Fa Sho rapped over called "Work Daily." Now that I've maneuvered the system, there's much more on the way! I love you all and hope you're dressed up today, celebrate in style and remember #NoStandards! 

Good Morning Lovers!

Good Morning Dawgies! 

I hope everyone's having a good day. Just writing today to check-in with y'all and let you know music is on the way. I'm almost finished with all the technical and graphical pieces of the site so stay tuned and there will be more to delight. Remember to live with #NoStandards and if you woke up today, it's a great day! Be an unabashed friend to the people you encounter today and let's play, maybe every detail could go your way. Enough with the rhyme it's your time to love life and get outta your mind! Here's to you dawgies! #NoStandards! 

Getting Started

Hey Dawgies! 

Welcome to! Currently it's undergoing the initial setup so stay tuned for a stunning finish! Love you all! Stay Dirty and remember #NoStandards!

-T Dirty On The Beat

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