Producer, Composer, & Engineer

Hi there!


My name is T-Dirty on the Beat! I’m a beat-maker, composer, and producer. My love is producing instrumentals but I also savor scoring and writing music for all types of media. Whatever your project, if it needs music I'm your composer! 


Services I provide include:


  • Custom Beats & Instrumentals exclusively for you, including your group, artists, label, collective, business(es), films, games, TV Shows, commercials, apps, advertisements, plays & musicals, presentations, Youtube videos & channels, marketing campaigns, etc. If you've created media, I'm your Music-Man. 

  • Scoring for films, games, plays, trailers, commercials, jingles, documentaries, expositions, and TV Shows. 

  • Sound Design suited to your particular project. Whether it's in a theatre, a haunted house, a 3-day promotional event, a fan-film, a holiday gathering, a docudrama, a LARPing luncheon, or a neighborhood block party, every project presents a creative opportunity!

  • Mixing and Mastering to bring your vision to life and give your recordings a professional sound and crispy, clear finish. No matter if it's spicing up that solo, EQing and effects, clearing out clicks, winning the loudness war, or making your vocals pop through the mix, I've got the whole field covered (stereo, that is). 
  • Songwriting just for you, your idea, or your project. I'll lead with lyricism, killer chord progressions, and marketable melodies catered to your tastes. 

  • Licenses for a rapper, singer, lyricist, screamer, beat-boxer, really any kind of vocalist; my beats are available for your licensing pleasure. Now all they need is your artistry and talent to really make a hit. 


If I haven't specified your particular need above, I'm always open to other creative projects too! Please contact me with any questions, projects, proposals, or ideas and we'll make magic together!