1. Work Daily

From the recording Work Daily

I produced this song and my friend Jordan Kolhoff (J-Dawg Fa Sho) performed it and wrote the lyrics. He's literally one of the best lyricists I've ever heard; like a surgeon with words just straight absurd on the beat. Check out his flow! www.soundcloud.com/jkol88


I work daily, just so I can earn savings
Never burn it man I'm saving for that Mercedes
The chauffeur's getting mad and he's stir crazy
cuz I'm being lazy make him stay up on the curb waiting
Momma worried I ain't really been to church lately
Then I wonder, is this planet even worth saving?

I don't think so, The world seems so
Crazy over money and these bitches that can deep throat
And I don't need dough, all I need's bitches
A kinda bitch you call a bitch you gonna need stitches
A type of chick that's kinda rich I'm talking ski tripping
A kinda chick with credit cards that don't need limits
Good Grief she sees that I'm a beast with it
Skin the color coffee lemme put a little cream in it
Kobe for the beef don't season it
Give a hoe a diamond and I guarantee she's keeping it

Real shit, man I've never peeled clips
But at least I beat the beat up with real fists
Imma ill kid, skilled I built the kill switch
A real prince, I feel like a legend will smith AHH