Freedom and Friday!

Hello Dawgies, just stopping by with another daily delivery. Today I wanted to touch on the notion of financial freedom, debt-free living, and the power both give you. I recently spoke with a prospective employer about opportunities they had reached out to me about (he was a fantastic gentleman and I'm very thankful for his time.) Again, I've got nothing against employers or companies. Though the reason I'm writing about it today was because it was the first interview I had that rather than go into the conversation desperately seeking to prove myself a qualified candidate for the job, I had the freedom to say "Thank you, but that doesn't sound like what I'm looking for." And wow is it liberating to the mind! It feels good to have the power of choice and to take time to seek out a good fit.

All through my upbringing, including schooling and lessons from peers and parents and other adults the standard phrase or expectation was "go to school and then get a job." Like a job (when I say job I mean working for someone else) is required for survival, as if it was an absolute necessity to survive and thrive. But that's only one perspective, that's a linear progression that keeps you stuck in that track (and keeps your choices somewhat limited) until you choose to divert from the road. And off-loading is awesome! Plus we live in a world of multiple perspectives! Limitless potential is around us. The internet can connect me and a team in Shanghai in minutes, or Russians, or Brazilians! And we'd be face to face! That, my friends, is the Spanky Dank. 

Earlier this week I had spoken about it feeling weird and hard to accept, but each day it's getting easier and more opportunities to make money keep appearing. The best part: No Employer Required! Now I may just be catching on to this phenomenon and I know I'm over-simplifying my approach, but I'm glad I caught on now cause it's compounding my confidence and opening my mind to possibilities I had not known existed. I just read Taylor Pearson's The End of Jobs, if you haven't read it and are currently seeking a change I definitely recommend the read. It shifted the standard societal paradigm in my mind and also comes with great resources and templates for making the leap! 

Thanks for reading Dawgies. As always, I love you all. Stay positive and stay powerful. Remember, the world has limitless potential. You can make money any way from anywhere, all it takes is serving a need and providing value. #NoStandards

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