Dirty's Beats

Good Afternoon Big Dawgs! 

I write to you today happily to announce the release of my latest album, Dirty's Beats! It's available here and on all major platforms. Please check it out, leave your thoughts, and share it with friends, loved ones, and even strangers! Your support is the fire fueling me forward and I hope you all enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed making it. Keep it Dirty! 



New Song - An Arabic Apple

Happy Friday Dawgies!

I hope this message finds you well! I'm writing to celebrate the release of my new song An Arabic Apple! The song is led by a slapping sitar, bumping drums, and a fusion of catchy rhythms with a hip-hopping vibe. It's sure to excite the room and take you on an Indian-inspired journey! Please check it out and let me know your thoughts, also feel free to check out my music page for previous songs I've released! I would love to hear your feedback and I thank you for listening. Here's to an excellent weekend for everybody, let's pump up jams and make it a fun one! Y'all are the best! #NoStandards


Hey Big Dawgies! 

I know it's been awhile and I've fallen off the wagon on the series. Life has taken on a new rhythm lately as I adjust into a new role so things I once planned shifted however the tide seems favorable. It's more involved than my previous experiences and it's taken strategy and adaptability. Also I've become a morning person and 5:15 comes around early my friends but I've found it sets a positive pace for the rest of the day. Random interjection: make your bed every day. If you haven't heard that yet, you will. Anyways, I thought I'd share my thoughts on the most recent book I finished which is Paulo Coelho's The Alchemist. 

Paulo's message is clear and the book read quickly and well. I enjoyed the pace of the story and the subtle, simple, and powerful messages within. A few passages stood out to me as I read, one such being "men began to reject simple things, and to write tracts, interpretations, and philosophical studies. They also began to feel that they knew a better way than others had. Yet the Emerald Tablet is still alive today." I liked the Alchemist's words to boy as its reminiscent of how sometimes the simple method, however simple it may appear, may be the most effective and efficient manner of proceeding or understanding.


Another passage that I read multiple times was the Alchemist stating "Tell your heart that the fear of suffering is worse than the suffering itself. And that no heart has ever suffered when it goes in search of its dreams, because every second of the search is a second's encounter with God and with eternity." I mean, how true, straightforward, and encouraging! Although different, fear and comfort tend to occupy the same space. So what sense does it make to wallow in your fear and perceived suffering instead of embracing the actuality of the situation to discover the truth? Maybe you'll suffer and if you do, at least it's real! I encounter this often as my mind is my own worst enemy, tending to try to wrap me in fake fears and possible outcomes that don't exist my daily reality. Yet I realize it's a control mechanism for the ego, it wants to remain control and fear is the only way it knows how. But fear not, I shall. Whew, that got a little strange and personal. Forgive me as we move onward! 

The last passage I want to share states "When you possess great treasures within you, and try to tell others of them, seldom are you believed." I liked it because it's saying who cares what other people think, you're living your life independently of them living theirs. Do you star-child, shine forth thy divinity! 

Overall, I loved it! The Alchemist was a fantastic read and the message I took away was to enjoy the journey of life and dance in its music. Realize your treasure is always right in front of you (or in other words, where you make it). Please feel free to respond with your thoughts about The Alchemist if you've read it yourself or if you want to add to or challenge my statements. I'd love to hear your perspective. Thank you for reading Big Dawgs. You slay like Bobby Flay. 

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Monday Mania!

Hey Dawgies!

I know it's been some time since I've last written and for that I can only apologize. However I haven't gone away and still tend to this page as a smith tends to his forge! I've just been occupied lately not only with music but also another opportunity I've fallen into and am loving so far. More details to come. For now I'd like to share that I'm well and loving life and that I hope you all are well and loving life too. Summer's almost passed but we've still got August, we don't have to start singing Wake Me Up When September Ends yet! On to the point, (and I know I've broken the schedule) here's the latest topic for the weekly series:

"What event from your youth still teaches you lessons today? How do you apply what you learned?"

Several events from my youth still teach me today but I'll just detail one. Moving to Texas at 16 proved a significant event that impacted me subtly in ways I've realized over time and although one of the hardest experiences my younger-self endured it also stood as one of the most empowering. I love my friends and leaving them sucked, let's be real about that. However, it taught me about adaptability and to roll with the tide; I learned to trust myself in engaging others. Moving also displayed distance's weakness against fellowship, time's inability to tear bonds, and loneliness's lack of lasting power. As I move forward in life, I've learned to love new people in the way I loved my first friends, allowing me to hold on to the old and apply those behaviors to new groups I encountered. Now some may say I don't visit as often as I should, I may even strike others as distant or detached, and I may let more time slip by than I should in between conversations. Yet silence does not soften my bonds. My heart never forgets and I am unyieldingly loyal to friendship. If you're a friend of mine I hope you know you can reach out to me anytime and I'll be there. I'm blessed to call my friends companions and you all are still teaching me how to love unconditionally.

As cheesy as it sounds, it's reminiscent of the lesson found within the new Power Rangers movie. You may recall they can't morph until after they realize Billy (the Blue Ranger) is more important to them than their individual motivations and they're willing to sacrifice themselves so Billy could return. The scene literally brought tears to my eyes because to me, that's life's purpose and hardest challenge. American culture tends to a drive an ego-centric experience (in my opinion) yet you'll find studies suggesting altruism makes people the happiest and my own experiences confirm the same. Though the example references morphing to give the power rangers super-human power, the metaphor clearly implies that selfless love takes one beyond the basic human condition to a state of immeasurable strength (i.e. Love: putting the life of another ahead of your own = the ultimate, unconquerable, indomitable force). Yet as the movie suggests, letting go of the ego is tough and fighting it is how I continue to apply my youth's teachings. So here's to my friends, I love you and you've taught me to love without fear, you've shown me how to form solidarity, and you enable me to morph into a better human being.

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Thanks for reading Big Dawgs! Have a wonderful week!

Random Weekend Blog!

Hey Big Dawgies! 

Today's post is a random blog that I wrote because my friends and I are putting together a site we can all blog on to stay connected and freshen up our writing skills. Since I shared it there, I figured it'd only be fair to share here too! The new site is dirtydawgies.wordpress.com and my post reads:


It’s established, my friends! I’ve built it, now you must come! Hot Josh will understand. ;) But for reals! Anything you guys want to write about or discuss is fair game. I’ve sent the credentials and if you would like them to be able to post content just hit T-Dirty up! I’ve picked a topic for our first post and that is:

Why do we write?

My response is as follows:

We write to understand, to express, to create, to share, to feel, to reach, and to explore ourselves. Holy lots of verbs! However writing is a multi-faceted task with many purposes and the answer really depends on individual objectives. I love writing because it’s an alternative medium of communication that I feel I fare better at than speaking. It’s fun for me to make a point and share my thoughts. Crafting a clever argument also brings me joy because I’ve created a stance and perspective and that yields critical thinking.

I correlate writing to consistent evolution and growth for there are always new words to learn, styles to adapt to, formats to play with; opportunity abounds from the page and the keyboard. Yet it’s also immortalizing. Who knows what the future will hold for the words we put out there? The youth finding inspiration or relation to our blogs in countries we’ve never been, grandchildren stumbling upon our journals after we’ve passed, future archaeologists excavating files from our computers; our words let us live on Dawgies. So why do I write? It makes me feel alive.

-T-Dirty On The Beat

Your turn Big Dawg! Thanks for reading.

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As always, thank you for reading and I hope you all had an excellent weekend. Here's to a great start to next week! Love you all! 



Weekly Series Round Three (On Zombies!)

Good Morning Dawgies!

I hope everyone is faring well! I'm back to the series this week (the finishing of Duckin' Around and accompanying video last week took a bit of time so that's why I skipped it but I hope you've enjoyed the song and the video! If you haven't heard Duckin' Around it's available on my music page to listen to and download from all major platforms! Alright, on with the series!

Today's topic: "What are your thoughts on the zombie-craze? Is it hurting society or is it all in good fun?"

As far as my individual tastes go I'm not an avid follower of the zombie phenomenon but I do appreciate the many directions it's branched into! As a concept, it's captivating because it captures an instinctive human (if we consider the Undead still resemblant of humanity) lacking the capacity for conscious-thinking, what an interesting condition to explore! Alternative states of consciousness and unconsciousness open discussion to how conscious-thinking impacts human life and our ability to differentiate between right and wrong, good and evil, just and corrupt; in this respect, I find the zombie-craze beneficial.

The Walking Dead is one of the most popular examples lately and provides an atmosphere where half of the remaining humans support one another while others prey on their peers to satiate their group's individual needs, so not only do we observe the lack of conscience in the zombies but also witness its variation in human behavior and that critical thinking (to tie back to the original question) helps society in my opinion. Yet it's all up to the creators' imaginations when generating their zombie-realities and presenting Undead behavior. The notion of feeding on each other could be correlated to the aforementioned internal discord and related to the question of whether or not humans (unconsciously) are inherently predisposed to one nature over the other. Yet I digress and this varies again on the creator's ideas and how they bring the Undead to life.

In brief, I think the zombie-craze is an excellent creative outlet and fosters critical thinking regarding the human condition thus bringing fun and benefit to society! Let the Undead live on!

Duckin' Around (No blog this week, but a surprise new Song)

EDIT: Duckin' Around is now available for download on all major platforms! 

Hey Dawgies!

Though I'm skipping the series this week this week I thought I'd suprise you with a brand new single and a video to go along with it! It's called Duckin' Around and I had a lot of fun making it. Please let me know your thoughts! Also, let's all float on like rubber duckies in paradise this weekend and be bad Mudda-duckas! I love you all and hope you like it!

P.S. It's currently available for download here:

cdbaby: https://goo.gl/79H5A6
iTunes: https://goo.gl/Go31Fv
Apple Music: https://goo.gl/Go31Fv
Amazon: https://goo.gl/9XCW7j
Google Plus: https://goo.gl/sZv1KY
Tidal: https://goo.gl/RxbfP3
Soundcloud: https://goo.gl/xyj8Tc
Spotify: https://goo.gl/9fKRD9

Thanks again!


Series Installment Numero Dos! (What makes you feel Invincible?)

Good Afternoon Dawgies!

I'm writing today to first say hello and that I hope the week's been a success for everyone so far. My heart is happy and that energy is yours to share if you need it! Furthermore, I'd like to share I've finished mixing a couple songs and progress is coming along well. I've also recently engaged in a relationship with Dallas Trackhouse and they're dope! It's a new studio out of Arlington (right by Six Flags) and I'll be helping lead their street team as we visit local shows and bring special discounts and offers for their recording services. Check out their site and keep up on mine for more details about the shows and offers! Now, on to the series!

Today's topic is "What makes you feel Invincible?" 

(Invincible: too powerful to be defeated or overcome.)

That's an easy one for me to answer. It's happened a few times in my life where I've recognized the feeling and felt so at peace and ready to do anything, and that's when I'm out for the day or on a trip with my best friends or family. I feel invincible surrounded by people I love and know that no matter where we were at or want to go in life; with them by my side we'd be successful. It's the support that I know and feel as I sit amongst them and the calm I get from laughing and experiencing joy amongst them without fear of judgment or suppression of my true self. It's the sharing of our dreams and ideals and building those together as a team no matter how wild it gets! I mean for example, one friend of mine lives in Australia and we were out once when our waitress started talking to us about work visas and how easy it is to get them, and we all looked with each other and said "Let's do it!" and I knew then as I know now that if we truly wanted to go for it we'd pack up our things and move together at the drop of a dime. It's a firm underpinning of our relationship and resonates the motto Dawgies Supporting Dawgies. It's also how we push each other to be the best versions of ourselves, to live without fear, and to sometimes just go for it! 

Friends and family make up the true wealth of the world because they make up our experience, they help us feel what we can't on our own, and they encourage us to let our light and love shine without reservation. So to end this post, I'd like to say thank you and express my deep gratitude toward my friends and family. You've made my life an absolute joy and it's your kinship, not my resolve, which makes me invincible. 

#SpreadTheLove #ThankYou #YouMakeMeSuper #DawgiesSupportingDawgies #FriendsandFamily #Tdirtyonthebeat #NoStandards 

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An Update & A New Series (Today's Topic: Superstitions)

Good Afternoon Dawgies!

I'm writing today to first keep y'all updated on the music! I'm putting together two albums now I'll release this summer. One is a collection of my earliest songs from a couple years ago (now refined, mixed, and mastered) and the other is my latest music. I'm doing all the mixing and mastering myself so that's why I've set "summer" as the release timeframe. More details will follow on that but I'm happy to be bringing a lot of music soon!

Now on the second part of my post, and that's the series I'd like to start. I have a book titled 500 Writing Prompts and will be selecting one at random per week (or perhaps daily) to write about here. Not only will this keep things fresh and dirtalicious but also give you a deeper insight to my personality. Please let me know your thoughts and feel free to respond to my views! Thanks!

Topic for today: "How do you feel about superstitions? Do you have any?"

Great question! A superstition is defined by Google as "excessively credulous belief in and reverence for supernatural beings," or "a widely held but unjustified belief in supernatural causation leading to certain consequences of an action or event, or a practice based on such a belief." I don't know if feel is the best verb but I do have superstitions so I suppose I feel strongly! I believe in ghosts, hauntings, legends, and vampires (oh how I'd love to be one!) among other things. I believe because the Universe and Goddess (My God is a She) create so many miracles that we can observe in nature and who am I to question her power to forge events, beings, and dimensions outside view of the current scientific scope? Just because we can't see a thing doesn't necessarily mean it does not exist and that brings the Law of Attraction to mind. When it comes to superstitions, is it not the energy our minds attach to the superstition that manifests them as realities? According to the law, we attract what we envision in our mind to be true thus our beliefs shape the reality we experience. In theory, superstitious power is real because of the power of our belief. So to answer the first question I feel superstitions are just another way to interact with our world.

Now, do I have any superstitions? Of course! I only pick up pennies if they're heads up! I also let the bugs and animals I come into contact with live for karmic reasons (and that means I believe in karma too!) Also, the Loch Ness Monster lives in my book and it'd be incredible to date a mermaid. On the subject of legendary creatures, I'd like to share a bit about how a superstition of mine developed on the night I saw a Chubacabra.

On one of the all-night study sessions I performed in college, I hit a great spot for a break and decided to step outside. At 3 AM it is very dark in Dubuque, IA and because I left a bright kitchen naturally my eyes had to adjust before I could see in the darkness. As soon as I stepped out I caught sight of a figure unnaturally creeping through our backyard (we had a staircase that led up to our back door so I was elevated above it). Seeing the figure shot a bolt of fear through me and I froze. I watched for a second before it turned toward me. As my focus began to clear I could make out long, bony arms as it rose up but could not see the face, my eyes hadn't fully adjusted to the dark. The shadowy silhouette started stalking toward the stairs but I bolted inside and locked both backdoors as my heart raced. I sat in silence waiting for raps at the windows or door but no such noise came. Needless to say, though I didn't plan on sleeping that night I wouldn't have been able to if I tried. Although I could not clearly see the figure, to this day I believe in my heart a Chubacabra is on the loose in Dubuque, IA and continues to stroll during the dead of night. Be warned Dawgies!

So are superstitions real? To me they are. I feel superstitions impact our world if our minds let them and let me know what you think about mine! Thanks for reading Big Dawgs! Please share your thoughts on the new series too! 

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Family's in Town

Good Afternoon Dawgies!

I'll write a quick post today to let you know my family's in town this week! My Grandparents and Great Aunt are visiting and I'm thankful for the time we get together and grateful they took the time to make the trip! I just wanted to take this moment to share my beliefs on the importance of family and the role they play in our live. Families hold our oldest friends and deepest relationships but furthermore family extends beyond blood relations too (in my opinion). So if you're up for it take some time today and reach out to a family member you haven't talked to in a bit, it'll be worth your while and likely make their day! Also, don't ever forget we're all family here too Big Dawgs! Here's to you, here's to your family, and here's to our Dawgie family as well! Thank you for reading and as always stay positive and powerful Dawgie-fam! 

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